Luna is a character in AJ Diaries. She is a "phantom wolf" and Shadow's friend.

A New Friend


Luna appears after writing in her diary. She went to Jam Mart Furniture and bumped into a wolf. She apologized and introduced herself. The wolf introduced himself as Shadow. He explained he was looking for a necklace to try to get a friend. Luna laughed and explained that they were in the furniture shop, as well as offering to be his friend. Shadow was overjoyed and followed her to Jam Mart Clothing, noticing he was blushing. Luna had to go home, but before leaving the shop, she gave her friend a hug.



  • Luna had 2 eggs in the video A New Friend, but now they hatched.
  • Luna is a phantom wolf, meaning she's half phantom. it is unknown why she is a phantom "wolf" and not a phantom "fox".

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